Are you juggling family obligations, work and hobbies? Do you worry you can’t get your kids to after school activities on time? We will do it for you .. quickly and safely ..

Is there never enough time for you in your day? You can take a break while we drive your kids for you.

Do you know how much time you spend driving your children to school and extracurricular activities?

Do you know how many kilometers you drive?

Do you know how much does it costs you?

Save your time and save your money ...



We are parents, just like you. We spend lot of time every day on the road, driving to work, school and after school activities. Most of the times one of the family member has to sacrifice their time and more work and personal stuff around to fit with the family obligations. Usually that someone is the mother. Grandmothers and siblings are not always available to help, and we missed a reliable, safe service, to help us drive kids around.



Your child wants to join extracurricular activity starting at 2pm and you know this won’t work with your workload and working hours. Have you just found out your meeting got postponed and you won’t be able to pick you child from school on time. Do your regular PT sessions coincide with your child’s activities. Are you afraid to leave the child home alone in the winter when it’s dark early afternoon?


Get your child to their destination safely is our priority. Our experienced drivers undergo regular training and operate fleet of new, well maintained vehicles which are regularly serviced and meet all the regulatory requirements and standards. You will be informed upon pick up and drop off by a SMS, you can also download an application to follow your child’s movement and see where they are at any point. All our cars are equipped with child seats and booster seats.


There’s no need to compromise on what matters to you. You don’t need to spend hours in your car any more. We can drive your kid to school, doctor, after school activities, to their grandparents or home in and around Brno city. All our drivers are proficient in Czech and English, other languages upon request.


Our drivers meet strict selection criteria, have at least 3 years of driving and childcare experience, clean criminal record, drivers permit and undergo background checks, training and psychological profiling.


We own several cars that are in excellent technical condition. Our fleet includes, among others:

Škoda Octavia RS, BMW X5, BMW X1, Peugeot Traveller, Volkswagen Passat


How will your children recognize us? Our cars are equipped with magnetic stickers with the company logo, our drivers can be seen below and will also be identified by the company caps.






Our service is aimed primarily at primary school children and, if necessary, also for older children. We start cooperation on the basis of a contractual agreement that clearly defines the rules and obligations of the parties.
The driver travels to the agreed place in advance. The child has to be on time at the agreed place. The driver informs the selected legal representative about the pickup and drop-off the child at the agreed places by means of an SMS message.
During the journey safety belts must be fasten for what is our driver responsible. Children follow the principles of good behavior while driving and follow the instructions of the driver who is responsible for the children.
The transport car is equipped with advertising stickers with the company logo (see fleet). Our driver has a cap on his head with the company logo and his photo is located on the company website.
Parents are obliged to inform the provider at least 24 hours before the planned service.
The Provider is entitled to cancel the service 24 hours before the planned provision of the service for serious reasons. In the case of a service failure on the day the service is provided, the provider is obliged to provide a substitute solution and transport the child safely to the agreed place.
See safety and driver profiles.
Our Company is properly insured. Both vehicles and drivers are insured.


Contact us with special requests, we will create an individual offer for you.


Prices are contractual and each service is priced individually.
Contact us with special requests, we will create an individual offer. The company is not a VAT payer.

* valid within 15 km


regular drive - 300 CZK

irregular drive - 330 CZK

transport to school and back - 10 500 CZK

collective transportation to school and back (2 or more children) - 6 500 CZK

transport to school and back plus 2 activities a week - 12 600 CZK

special offers for schools, kindergartens, individual packages, offers for clubs, children's entertainment centers -individual price offer

transport of pensioners - individual price offer

collective morning pick-up - individual price offer


Prices are contractual and each service is priced individually.
Contact us with special requests, we will create an individual offer. The company is not a VAT payer.

* valid within 15 km


The following form serves as a request sheet. Please fill in all available data. Based on your request we will prepare a quotation. In case of special requirements we will prepare an individual quotation.



Mobile phone number: + 420 778 511 098
Bank account: 290053820/0300

ALP Transport s.r.o., Company ID: 086 49 901, Vranovská 45/1, Brno 614 00


Alice Lužová

I am 37 years old mother of an eleven-year-old daughter. In the past I worked as a manager and I experienced child taxi driving (to school and back,  to activities and back, to various celebrations, etc ..). Moreover, as a single mother, I did not have the opportunity to delegate this transportation to someone else. I had to compromise and mostly at the expense of my free time. My job was on the first place and many of my daughter's hobbies we couldn't even attend because of my working hours.  After my working hours I mixed driving my daughter with waiting for her and when we came home little time for homework and dinner was left and there was no time for my interests and hobbies .. that was unthinkable and unsuitable in the long term. Previously, I would appreciate a service that would left me me some time for myself, my interests or work and in same time someone would safely transport my daughter to her activities and back. There was no service like that available in Brno and that  became one of the main motivators to start a company which provides it and releases busy parents hands.

Lukáš Rychnovský

I am 41 years old. Me and my family we live on the periphery of Brno. We have three children (school, maternity and infant age) . Me and my wife we work in Brno, so Brno was a good choice for us to enroll children here at school and kindergarten. They also attend their leisure activities in the city . But this means their regular distribution, which is often very complicated, at the expense of our work, time, and especially finance. I calculated how much time we spend to drive children and mainly how much money we lose, due to part-time work, fuel costs, etc. The result was too alarming to me and the finding that there were more such families was the birth of a service that would solve this problem!

Petr Moštěk

I'm 44 years old. I own a driving license category A, B, C, T. During my 27 years of driving experience I have driven more than half a million kilometers without an accident. I drive calmly and  I follow the motto “Hurry slowly”. In the last 3 years I have known what it is like to spend 1/4 of a day driving a child to / from school, to the activity and back. At the beginning was an idea that similarly most parents spend their free time like we do. Every parent wants the best for their child, but no parent should spend all the “potential free time” picking up and dropping off their children. I think our service is something that many active or busy parents will appreciate and what they miss.

Richard Moštěk

For past 20 years of my life I worked as a professional driver, first as a truck driver, later as a bus driver. During this time I have traveled more than 2 million kilometers across Europe. I like driving and driving safely without accidents. I hold all kinds of driving licenses for road motor vehicles. I think the project has found a niche in the market because such a service is missing. I like new challenges, so I joined the team.